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Our Offer

We are excited to pass on all of our knowledge with our deepest passion.
We are more than convinced that our combined efforts along with a sincere commitment from all parties involved will bring great results.


The first session is in the form of a thorough evaluation of your health history. We are excited to get started and to mutually develop a strategy for a more energetic and healthy life. We will define a base line given your current state and situation and will then set clear goals with an effective plan on how to reach them. Please fill out the initial check in form and send it to us.Initial Check In

1:1 Coaching With Your Customized 6 Month Program

In this customized program we will work in 12 sessions to achieve your personal goals for your full satisfaction.

Program Content:

  • Initial health history (50 minutes)
  • Every month 2 times 50 minutes of personal face to face coaching in live meetings or via skype/phone
  • Free Email Support
  • Handouts


1:1 Consulting and Coaching For Superfoods And Herbs

In this exclusive program we teach you how to get more out of your body with the help of superfoods and tonic herbs.

Would you like to bring your athletic performance to a new and better level? ?

Or do you feel tapped out in your every day life?

Do you feel the need and urge to grow through the power of nature on a physical as well as spiritual level?/p>

Then this specific program is perfect for you!

This coaching program based on Stefan's personal experiences and education that help him overcome the toughest challenges there are in this world. An invaluable teaching you won't find anywhere else!

The superfood and herbal coaching can be booked as single sessions or in a package deal.

One Session includes:

  • 1 Consultation Of 90 Minutes
  • Information About Superfoods And Tonic Herbs
  • Email Support


1:1 EFT Coaching (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Do you feel like life is playing tricks on you?

Are you living in the rat race and don't know why?

Do you feel like you have mental blockages that hinder you in your daily and or athletic performance?

Do you suffer from fear of heights, fear of exams or do you have other phobias or anxieties?

Do you suffer from physical pain and perhaps nobody knows why?

Have you already tried thousands of diets and none worked for you?

EFT can open new doors with new possibilities for you. Based on Chinese medicine's meridian system and acupuncture combined with your life's experiences it will help you gain insights on how your subconscious steers your life, your thoughts, your belief system - all of which often sabotage your existence. EFT let's you take charge again!

Thanks to EFT you will find these self sabotage triggers and by eliminating them you can steer your life as well as your athletic performance into a new direction.

In order to get more comfortable and intimate with the techniques of EFT it makes sense to book a package so you can sustainably change your life for the better.

The first session is in person in order to best learn the techniques and strategies of EFT. After that skype sessions are a good way to continue with the sessions if desired.


"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."

Hippocrates Of Kos (460 until around 377 B.C.), Greek Physician And »Father Of The Healing Arts«