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Bioindividuality is the philosophy stating that every human being is somebody special with different and individual needs and demands. Based on this principle we have made it our goal to coach every one of our customers to optimal health with the uniqueness of every single one in mind.
Just as every human has his own unique fingerprint,  no human is like another. One person's remedy is another person's poison.  And therefore the exact same nutrition is not necessarily good for everybody. We support our clients to find optimal nutrition and lifestyle for their respective body type and personality. That's the way we can pass on our knowledge and experience with good conscience. Without any pressure but with lots of fun and appreciation for life!

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Our life together has become extraordinary in many ways since the diagnosis of the fatal disease ALS 10 years ago now. But we haven't let this adversity get the better of us. On the contrary: we managed to grow in spite of the challenging circumstances. All these experiences we now want to pass on through our work here.

We are targeting people in all kinds of different situations of life who are willing and dedicated to make the necessary changes and adaptations in order to advance. Together we are creating a strategy for the optimization of our client's health and well-being by working on the components of nutrition, herbalism, fitness and mental strength.

We also help our clients  to reduce stress and therefore  deliver the best quality nutrients to their bodies so they can avoid injuries and optimize their recovery time and overall energy levels and immunity. With a personalized nutrition concept, our clients are protected without the use of drugs from the effects of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation that is otherwise unfortunately normal under the extreme strain our bodies are subjected these days, whether you are an athlete or just trying to best cope with the challenging daily life.

As mentioned above another focus of our work lies in making sure the digestion works well. Because we believe the digestive system is the most critical component of our immune system and well-being.

That way athletes for instance can perform much better for a much longer period of time. The career of every athlete and the life of every other person we work with will be optimized in quantity and quality which in turn is a huge benefit for the individual and athlete as well as for his families, employers and sponsors. Sports is our passion that helps us to address and overcome all kinds of health and daily problems.